Tuesday, December 13, 2011

OK. So he snuck a bite of the frosting! Who wouldn't? :) The kids had fun "painting" trees and decorating them with "ornaments."
We used waffle cones, frosting dyed green and lots of different sprinkles found at Walmart and Target.
When the kids were finished I put them in a small SOLO cup for easy take home! The kids can't wait to have them for a snack when they get home! (We had to wipe faces good because we all snuck a few bites of everything--didn't want our moms to know we had frosting for breakfast at daycare:))

Take the inner part of that plate you cut apart for the wreath (yes, I'm Dutch) and decorate for an ornament. I purchased the "Build your own GingerBread Man" stickers from Current (or usually Oriental Trading). Let the kids make their own rendition of a gingerbread man! Punch a hole and hang up! (My kids enjoyed using these for batting practice, like a pinata...) Had to relocate them in the house!
We made Christmas wreaths! Just cut the outside from a paper plate and paint green. Let dry and add some pom poms for berries. We punched a hole at the top, added some string and displayed in front window. Something to add to the wall at home:)
Kids decorated their gifts. We used a present print off, colors, markers and lots of imagination to think of what was on our Christmas lists!

December 2011--Daycare Christmas Activities

Since I got married and moved the real Christmas tree to our new house the daycare house got a pretty tree on the wall:) Complete with gifts and ornament. The kids listed what they wanted for Christmas. Pretty good ideas around here: Tools, Hair Gel, Crayons (prefer new ones:)), Flashlight, Enchanted Princess Castle, Barbies and to top it off...a coffee pot:)